Rohando Brown from Jamaica

Rohando Brown (Jamaican)

IT Professional


Rohando is an IT professional steadily gaining knowledge to make it into the bigger security industry specifically as a penetration tester. He is in the process of completing the Computer Networks and Security (CNS) Bachelors at the University of Technology Jamaica.

Rohando has garnered enough knowledge both from a mentor in the arts as well as completing different rooms on tryhackme or similar websites. Rohando likes to break down problems into four components the what, where, when, how. With this he will find out how a task is done rather than asking someone to complete the task. He is continuously increasing his skillset whether through security appliances / gadgets or overall learning from all the aspects that are apart of IT.

You can connect with Rohando on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Portfolio highlights


  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Linux Systems
  • Fast and Adaptable Learner