Dwayne Levien (Jamaican)

IT Professional


Dwayne is an IT professional and aspiring penetration tester and vulnerability analyst. He completed an undergraduate degree in Computing and is actively working on the completion of other certifications in Networking and Security.

Dwayne has the exceptional computer skills needed to attempt to hack into systems and an excellent analytical skills to review data and break down the processes involved in correcting potential security issues. Dwayne spends his spare time researching and practicing security hacks. This has helped to shape his report writing and oral communication skills. Dwayne is also a passionate problem-solver who likes to think outside the box in order to determine the best way to correct issues or to protect the network and data from potential risks.

You can connect with Dwayne on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Portfolio highlights

  • CSPA-AM | Associate Membership.
  • Tryhackme, 47142th world ranking.
  • Member of Caribbean Cyber Support Team (CCST).


  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Linux Systems
  • Social Engineering